The Most Influential Blues Promoters from Sacramento, California

Sacramento, California is a city with a rich musical history. From the early days of jazz and blues to the modern-day rock and roll, Sacramento has been home to some of the most influential musicians in the world. From Grammy-nominated bands to local favorites, the city has produced some of the best blues promoters in the country. One of the most renowned blues promoters in Sacramento is Robert, founder of Keep On Truckin', a tribute to the Woodstock generation that performs Rock, Blues, Funk and R&B.

This band has been together for over 10 years and is a staple in the Sacramento music scene. Chris Fraire is another influential blues promoter from Sacramento. He is part of Full Circle, a band that covers a variety of instruments and vocal styles, including songs by The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allen Jackson, Tracy Byrd, Johnny Cash, and Eric Clapton. They are perfect for private parties, corporate events, concerts, festivals and clubs.

The A List Jazz is another popular blues promoter in Sacramento. This Grammy-nominated band consists of some of the best professional musicians in the Bay Area and can provide music for any occasion. Greg Jacobs is another well-known blues promoter in Sacramento. He has given more than 1000 shows in the past five years and his quartet plays a selection of tasteful jazz standards and some original compositions.

Parlor Tricks is an industrial ragtime band that plays a mix of swing, jazz standards, vaudeville and more. They have been performing for more than a decade and are popular for their sensual vocals and resonating guitar. The Mules are another popular blues band in Sacramento. They have been described as “contagious” and “a crossroads full of rhythms where the West Coast in the style of T-Bone Walker shuffles, Stax, the scorching soul”.Sacramento has also produced some great country music artists such as Buck Owens and Merle Haggard from Bakersfield, Ross Bagdasarian from Fresno (David Seville from The Chipmunks), Jewel from San Diego, Sly and The Family Stone from Vallejo, Johnny Otis from East Bay, Dave Brubeck from Concord and Gil Evans from Stockton. Erick Purkhiser and Kristy Wallace (Lux Interior and Poison Ivy) met at California State University in 1972 when he picked her up hitchhiking.

They went on to form The Cramps, one of the founding psychobilly bands. Today, blues bands are very popular for weddings, festivals and events of all kinds.

Blues music

has its origins in the communities of the Mississippi Delta and is based on spiritual themes and songs of worship. On Sunday September 5th 2021, five luminaries from the local live music scene will be inducted into the Sacramento Blues Society Hall of Fame. If you're looking to hire a blues band for your event or celebration, you can find local vendors through The Bash or GigSalad. Using data from quotes sent through GigSalad we have compiled an average price for hiring blues bands in your region. Sacramento has produced some of the most influential blues promoters in the country who have taken the genre to unprecedented levels on the American music scene.

Whether you're looking for a live band for your event or just want to experience some great music, you can find it in Sacramento.

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