The Most Influential Blues DJs from Sacramento, California

Sacramento, California is home to some of the most influential blues DJs in the world. From Little Charlie Baty and Anson Funderburgh to Wes Starr, Mike Keller, Rusty Zinn, Mark Hummel and RW Grigsby, these DJs have made a name for themselves in the blues music scene. In 2001, Early helped start a new wave of broadcasting when he debuted on Sirius Satellite Radio. He presented a daily program on Sirius Blues from the channel's opening to its closing.

For more than 7 years, it hosted guests such as Buddy Guy, Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint, John Hammond, Jonny Lang and more. The Bill Scholer Blues Band opened concerts for Los Lobos, The Chambers Brothers and The Ventures and played at the Sacramento Blues Festival. He enjoyed playing the blues as he shared his talent and experience with young Blues musicians from the Sacramento area and helped promote the Sacramento Blues Society. Keep On Truckin', a tribute to the Woodstock generation, performs Rock, Blues, Funk and R&B, faithfully recreating the musical experience of the best decade in music. Marina has organized several musical events for non-profit and benefit organizations at the Torch Club, always taking care of the blues family in general. Tony has been painting blues figures for more than 25 years and has autographed paintings by Fats Domino and Charlie Musselwhite.

Rhythm and Blues magazine interviewed and published an article about Lena's participation in the tour and the CD. Most of Donna's career has been with blues ensembles, including periods with Blues Hall of Fame member Mick Martin, Seattle Blues winner WC Handy, gospel great Glenn Lane, and more than 30 varied regional bands. Ray Copeland moved to Sacramento in 1967 and began playing the guitar, where he soon found a local group of musicians called the Sunland Blues Band. Mick has been producing and presenting the Blues for more than 20 years, starting with “The KZAP Blues Show” in August 1989. Robert Sidwell's career as a blues musician began in 1993 as a founding member of Chrome Addicts along with Tommy Young, Ben Thompson and Brad Cross. Rick's clever original song, “My Next Ex-Wife”, won the Blues Music Award in 1993 for song of the year. PHIL GIVANT was one of the fundamental figures in the history of Sacramento blues and throughout his life earned a national reputation as a blues expert. Al played at most of the Sacramento blues festivals and at many of the Sacramento heritage festivals with several bands.

Based in the Bay Area for more than a decade, THE MULES is a blues band that has been described as “contagious” and “a crossroads full of rhythms where the West Coast in the style of T-Bone Walker shuffles and the soul of Stax scorches”.Morello moved to Sacramento in 1980 and joined the Blue Flames with Ray 'Catfish' Copeland and Johnny Knox. These influential DJs have made their mark on Sacramento's blues music scene and continue to be an inspiration to aspiring musicians.

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