The Best Blues Music Classes in Sacramento, California

Are you looking for the best blues music classes to learn blues music in Sacramento, California? Look no further than Rock 101 and Sacramento City College's Music Department. Rock 101 is one of the top School of Rock Sacramento programs for children and beginners, offering weekly group rehearsals to teach classic rock songs that have been simplified for beginning musicians. In addition, Rock 101 students in Sacramento have a private weekly music class with an instructor who helps them learn the concepts and skills behind their interpretive songs. Sacramento City College's Music Department is renowned throughout California for its excellent commercial music program.

Students have access to the most advanced recording technology and are mentored by teachers who, in addition to teaching, are also professionals in the music industry. General music is also taught, giving students the opportunity to develop good fundamental skills in musical notation, theory, and history. Whether you're planning a career in the commercial music industry or want to transfer to a four-year institution to specialize in music, Sacramento City College's Department of Music is a great place to start. The School of Rock Sacramento offers intermediate-level harmony, partial writing and small forms courses in classical and commercial music. Their music programs for children and teens are designed to inspire by taking students to the stage and performing.

As with most of the music programs at the School of Rock, the Adult Program uses an interpretation-based approach to music education. Students use listening exercises, source readings and group projects to study the development of classical music in historical and cultural contexts. Independent studies in musical specializations offer students the opportunity to conduct research more typical of students taking advanced courses in audio production, songwriting, arrangement, or musical business. School of Rock Sacramento also offers advanced guitar classes for children and adults that teach playing challenging classic rock songs and emphasize playing the guitar in a real music venue. All School of Rock Sacramento instructors are experienced musicians and emphasize fundamental musical theory and technique when teaching guitar lessons to children. The Bachelor of Musical Arts for Transfer at Sacramento City College offers students a specialization that meets California State University's general requirements for transfer.

Program offerings include courses in music theory and listening skills, applied instrumental and vocal instruction, and ensemble performance. All School of Rock Sacramento music teachers are experienced musicians dedicated to helping students achieve musical mastery.

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